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Find Anyone and Anything at EQUAT

EQUAT is a free Internet Database where you can list your own information and search for anyone or anything. List your user names from other domains and websites, old email addresses, check the free classifieds for that something special or search for and contact your best friend from high school. All anonymously if you wish, by using one your several AntiSpam addresses. EQUAT is a free site powered by AntiSpam, therefore like AntiSpam’s free communication tools, it is paid for by Eaflet advertisers. Want to know more about Eaflets? Go to About Eaflets Page

Search for old friends and make new ones through the EQUAT Directory
You can list as little or as much information as you want in the Directory. It is open to individuals, businesses, community groups, sporting clubs…anyone and everyone can list information so that users can search for and contact them using AntiSpam Mail or Instant Messaging. Why not list your old email address or maiden name so that old friends can make contact with you again.

Link any website ID with any AntiSpam ID – or the other way around
EQUAT Directory lets you associate anything with anything, so you can help all your friends or new acquaintances find and contact you through any of your Internet IDs. All the time you can still remain anonymous as you name does not need to be listed anywhere. For example, you can link any of your dating IDs, current or old, with your AntiSpam ID or any AntiSpam dating site ID, eg could be associated with

Find your old school buddies and contact for free
The EQUAT Directory makes finding your classmates easy with specific attributes that enable you to list and search for schools and graduating class year. Search for and contact your old school and college friends for free.

Free Classifieds
Post items you have for sale, make announcements or search the free classified listing by location. Expose your sale items to all AntiSpam users or find that special item you’ve been looking for.

Display EQUAT free classified on YOUR site with YOUR branding
Increase the functionality and exposure of your web site by offering free classified. EQUAT can display all classifieds under your website category, on your website, with your branding. Do you have a website on Pets, why not have pet classifieds where your user can list their pet or pet product for free.