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antiSpam Features and Benefits

antiSpam offers free, web-based email accounts with additional features that will help manage your mail more effectively. Click on a feature below to learn more about its benefits.

Email Service
Free, web-based email access from anywhere in the world

Spam Management
State-of-the-Art spam technology

Timely, topical, region-specific information on the interests of your choice

Eaflet™ Submissions
Submit an Eaflet™ and support opt-in marketing instead of spam blasts

Search for someone or create your own listing

Website Directory Service
Listed by domain name

Mature Content and Kids
Control what messages your child is exposed to

Unique Sorting Service
Incoming mail is automatically sorted into one of seven folders

Equat Solutions is built by EQUAT Technologies. Click on a link below for more information on EQUAT’s services.

EQUAT Modular Websites™ are powerful Websites that are quick to develop, unique in appearance, customizable, and database driven through a low-cost outsourced service.

EQUAT Technologies FirstStep Website™ gain high-speed, secure access to the world with complete control of your on-line presence using EQUAT Technologies FirstStep Website™.

EQUAT Messenger™ lets anyone in your organization send branded, trackable HTML sales communications and "virtual" file attachments.

EQUAT Search Engine Optimization is the most effective form of advertising your website on the Internet.