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Eaflets™ eliminate Spam

An Eaflet™ is an emailed message that AntiSpam users have chosen to receive. Eaflets™ are designed to easily convey messages by making use of the Internet’s high speed and ease of linking documents. Eaflets™ can quickly communicate the key points and interests of a message while hyperlinks within the Eaflet™ provide interested readers with additional details they wish to obtain. An Eaflet™ can effectively deliver any Internet message including public service announcements, new product announcements, special pricing offers, news releases, memos, newsletters, marketing messages, or any other general public or industry information.

Eaflets™ are interest and scope specific and only received by the users who want them
When Eaflets™ are created they are categorized by interest topic (over 250,000 to select from) and scope (Local, Regional, Global or Internet). The AntiSpam user also specifies the interest topic and scope of the Eaflets™ they want to receive. Therefore Eaflets™ are targeted at recipients who are interested in the topic of the Eaflet™. The user gets the information and special promotions they want and the advertiser gets a focused, targeting marketing solution and a better return on their advertising dollar.

Eaflets™ are kept out of your inbox
All Eaflets™ are delivered to a special Eaflet™ folder in your AntiSpam Mail account that is separate to your inbox. No need to manually sort promotional emails from personal emails. Check out special offers and promotions on your terms.

Local businesses can target local consumers
When users sign up they specify their postal/zip code so that AntiSpam can determine their local area. When Eaflets™ are created they can be targeted at specific local areas and the advertiser is charged based on the number of different local areas selected. Advertise only to the consumers who would use your service and get cost effective, focused marketing.

Find out news and special promotions for your local area only
AntiSpam users can select to receive only local news and information and block everything else. Get the current specials from your favorite local restaurant, hairdresser etc without wasting time sorting through advertising emails that don’t interest you.

Eaflets™ are easy to create and quick to deliver
An Eaflet™ can reach a directory of people who are interested in what you are advertising in under 24 hours. To create an Eaflet™ is simply a matter of filling in a form with the information you want to appear on the Eaflet™, selecting the Interest Category and the scope of the Eaflet™ and then scheduling an Eaflet™ Flight. You can send a text only Eaflet™ or create a HTML version that gives you the same functionality as any web page. If you don’t know HTML, you can purchase an Eaflet™ Mastering Package from AntiSpam. Once an Eaflet™ is scheduled, it can be approved and distributed within 24 hours.