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Free Web Based Mail

AntiSpam provides you with free Web Based Mail that has all of the features that you have come to expect from other web based email providers and more.

Keep Spam out of your Inbox
AntiSpam automatically sorts new mail into seven specific folders. Spam is delivered to a Spam Folder that you never have to open and any email that the server is not sure about is delivered to a Possible Spam Folder. Only the emails you want to read are in your inbox and you never have to check your Spam Folder just in case an important email has found it’s way there.

Create up to 10 Mail Addresses @ Multiple Domains
Users can create up to 10 AntiSpam Mail accounts that are easily accessed and deleted. Create disposable email addresses for different purposes that can be deleted at any time eg an email address for work purposes; an email address for your dating site profile; an email address for a boating email list etc. Show me how.

Quickly Create Randomly Generated Email Addresses
Users can create and delete throw away, randomly generated email addresses at a click of a mouse. Never waste time on setting up an email account that you are only going to use for a couple of weeks. Show me how.

Create Anonymous Email Addresses
When creating an email account users are not required to give their name. You never have to be concerned about giving out your email address on a dating site, classifieds site or promotional email list again.

No worry about emails bouncing when you go away for the weekend
Users are provided a 10MB storage quota for each account. That’s up to 100MB storage if you are using 10 accounts. Go away for the weekend and not worry about your personal emails bouncing because some spammers have filled up your mailbox.

Check AntiSpam Mail with the email programs you know
AntiSpam can be easily integrated with any mail client that uses Pop3 or IMAP. Use Outlook or any other favorite email program to check your AntiSpam account. Show me how.

Check all your email addresses at the one place
Automatically forward your AntiSpam Mail to other email addresses. If you have 10 different AntiSpam email addresses they can all be forwarded to one for convenient checking of your email. Never waste valuable time checking different email accounts. Show me how.

Keep your existing email account minus the SPAM
Forward your existing email address to your AntiSpam address and have it filtered for Spam. Your AntiSpam address can be easily checked using Outlook or any mail client that has IMAP or Pop3 capabilities. Keep your current email address without the problem of Spam. Show me how.

Reserve an Email Address
Reserve any available email address for 3 days. Know of a great email address for a friend; reserve it before someone else takes it. Show me how.