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Reporting Cases of Spam

Help us educate our server by reporting any spam mail that may have found its way into your inbox.

If you've been spammed, don't reply to the sender or follow any removal instructions that might be included. Instead, complain to the sender's Internet service provider (ISP). Each piece of email you receive must be sent from a server. ISPs typically have policies prohibiting spamming through their accounts. Once they are notified that a user has been abusing their account, many ISPs will shut down the offender.

How do you find out whom to contact? Look at the domain. This is the part after the "@" sign in an email address. Once you know the domain, email the entire message (including full headers) to "abuse@" that domain name and explain your situation. For example, if you received spam from, send the original email and your complaint to

If the spam or abusive email is being sent from an AntiSpam account ( please forward an unedited copy of the email to for us to evaluate and take appropriate action.

When reporting spam it is imperative that you include lines that are in the original message but are generally not seen by the user. These lines are called headers and provide vital information about the path the message took and where the message originated. Please consult the Help menu associated with your e-mail program to determine how to view complete (full) header information.