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Eaflet™ Demo - Eaflet™ Creation

Welcome to the Eaflet™ Demo! The process of sending out Eaflets™ begins with creating an Eaflet™. Give the following form a try:

Create a New Eaflet™

Please use the following form to create a new Eaflet™. Once all fields are complete you can preview your Eaflet™ and then click submit.

  • reply address is the Antispam email address you can be contacted at
  • reply name is the full name of the Eaflets™ sender or company
  • subject line is what your recipients will see in their Eaflet™ folder inbox and should indicate the content of your Eaflet™
  • Your Eaflet™ Content should be entered in the Eaflets™ content field. Choose what format you want your message in. A text version is always mandatory but you have the option of creating an HTML version as well.

Reply Address:
Reply Name:
HTML Version:
Text Version: