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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is spam?
SPAM is defined as unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail. Only one out of every thousand people receiving these messages are interested in them. Since companies have no way of knowing who is interested in their message they send it to as many email addresses as they can get their hands on.

What is an Eaflet™?
An Eaflet™ is an emailed message that AntiSpam users have chosen to receive. Eaflets™ are designed to easily convey messages by making use of the Internet’s high speed and ease of linking documents. Eaflets™ can quickly communicate the key points and interests of a message while hyperlinks within the Eaflet™ provide interested readers with additional details they wish to obtain. An Eaflet™ can effectively deliver any Internet message including public service announcements, new product announcements, special pricing offers, news releases, memos, newsletters, marketing messages, or any other general public or industry information.

All interest topics are disabled by default. To enable an interest topic, simply click on Interests and check off the interest topics you’d like to receive Eaflets™ on. Messages contained in an Eaflet are highly specific to one of 250,000 interest categories. Users can decide if they want to see Eaflets™ from regional, national, global or Internet levels. Users can also test drive an interest topic by enabling it and receiving its welcome bundle of Eaflets™. If the user thinks further Eaflets™ won’t be of use, another mouse click disables the interest topic again.

What is the difference between Eaflets™ and spam?
Eaflets™ are organized, controlled and categorized concepts delivered to interested email users. SPAM is unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups and is considered junk e-mail.

A Message to Spammers:
Are you tired of your messages ending up in a spam folder? Why not consider sending Eaflets™. They are an inexpensive, effective, and ethical way to market on the Internet. Users who have expressed an interest in your product or service will have the message delivered directly to their Eaflets™ folder.

If you feel your messages have been mistakenly graded as spam, send us a request to add you to the AntiSpam White List by emailing

How do I know which Eaflets™ I want?
Since you control what interest topics are enabled/disabled, when the time comes that you’d like to hear information on a specific interest topic, simply enable it. AntiSpam will send you a welcome bundle of Eaflets™ related to the particular topic and will continue sending relevant information until the interest topic is disabled again.

Can I change my local for receiving local Eaflets?
Local Eaflets™ are specific to the city listed in your profile. To receive local Eaflets™ from another city, create another Antispam account with that city listed in your profile. All local and regional Eaflets will now reflect the new city and will be sent to that account’s Eaflets™ folder. Create a new account for as many local cities as you’d like. Creating new accounts is simple and free. Just click AntiSpam Accounts from the Account Management page. All your accounts are easily accessible from your master account.

How does AntiSpam deal with spam?
AntiSpam sorts your mail automatically and puts SPAM in a separate folder. This way, the 999 users who aren’t interested in the message don’t have to see it while the one person who is interested is welcome to browse through the folder.

Where do my incoming messages go?
Incoming messages are automatically sorted into one of the following folders:

  1. Inbox - your personal email messages
  2. Eaflets™ - messages of interest requested by the user
  3. Lists - lists the user has opted in to
  4. Possible Spam - periodically browse for personal messages mistook as spam
  5. Spam - unsolicited messages
  6. Spam ADV - unsolicited ads that identify themselves in the subject line
  7. Spam Mature - unsolicited adult content

Why should I subscribe to a list through AntiSpam?
Subscribing to lists can leave you an open target for spammers. AntiSpam will sign you in and out of lists while keeping your identity anonymous. Simply opt-in to any list that interests you and AntiSpam will deliver the message to your list folder.

Can I subscribe to a list not available in Interests?
If your preferred list isn’t available on AntiSpam, subscribe directly to the list with your public email address. Ask the list provider to add their list to AntiSpam’s database by emailing

Does AntiSpam allow me to hold several AntiSpam accounts?
Everyone who signs on to AntiSpam receives two email addresses with the option to create more as needed. This gives the user the freedom to publish one address as public and keep one as an anonymous private email address.

Why do I need a public address?
An AntiSpam public address is perfect when signing in to sites, displaying an online resume or when subscribing to a list online. Any email address published online can be a target for spammers. Use your AntiSpam public address whenever your email is to be displayed to the public. Your personal messages will be automatically forwarded to your private email address while spam heads to a folder you never have to open.

Does AntiSpam scan for viruses?
All incoming and outgoing email messages are scanned and then cleaned by AntiSpam.

Do I have to sign on regularly to keep my account open?
AntiSpam does not require you to sign in regularly. You can check your mail as often or as little as you’d like.

Can I check my AntiSpam email from anywhere?
As a web-based email provider, you can check your AntiSpam mail from anywhere around the world that has Internet access. In addition, you can forward your AntiSpam mail to other email accounts at home or at work. AntiSpam is IMAP compatible and will work with most common email programs including Outlook Express.

Should I list my email address on my Website?
List an AntiSpam email address on your company website. All incoming messages will be sorted and forwarded to your company email address without having to publish it.

Does AntiSpam have to be my primary email address?
No. AntiSpam can act as a filtering and forwarding service to your existing accounts at home or at work. AntiSpam can forward to any IMAP compatible account and works with most email programs (i.e. Outlook Express).

What does it mean to be IMAP compatible?
IMAP e-mail is sent through servers that use the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). IMAP allows computers to retrieve e-mail from any server that supports this protocol. AntiSpam is IMAP compatible, allowing you to access your mail from other email accounts you hold. All messages from these accounts will be automatically sorted and filtered along with your AntiSpam email messages. For example, you can log in to AntiSpam and pick up your messages from your company, your Internet service provider (ISP), and your school- all from your AntiSpam account.

Should children use an AntiSpam account?
Although Antispam is not directed at children under 13 years of age, parents are welcome to sign up their children for as many accounts as they’d like. Some parents want to be able to monitor what messages their children are exposed to when using email. With AntiSpam, messages are sorted and organized into folders before reaching your child’s inbox. Adult material flows straight into a separate folder that your child never sees. Several popular children’s sites encourage membership requiring an email submission. With the second, publishable AntiSpam account your child can register for any site without the worry of being inundated with marketing messages.

How do I forward Antispam mail to my current email account?
Login to AntiSpam…Enter Webmail…Click on options…Mail management…Email forwarding… and enter the email address you’d like your messages forwarded to.

Can Antispam help me with the spam flooding my other email accounts?
Yes! Forward your current accounts to AntiSpam for automatic sorting of spam into its own separate folder.

How do access my mail if I’m using a mail program

Any email program capable of using the POP3 protocol can be used to check your email accounts. Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, or Netscape are very common POP3 capable email clients.

Quick Start: In your email program, click on create new account

  • Set the "Incoming/Receiving mail server" to:
  • Set the "Outgoing/Sending mail server" to:
  • Set the Account name/username. This is the full email address. E.g. or, etc.
  • Password: The password you entered for this particular email account when you created it in the setup

Configuring Your Mail Client