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Reserve an E-mail Address for a Friend

Thought of a great email address for a friend? Reserve it now, before someone else takes it!

At AntiSpam you can reserve any email address not already in use or reserved. Reserve friend’s names, email handles for other sites and business names.


  • You are chatting to someone on a dating site. They use reserve

  • Your friend owns a business called Actionwear reserve

Enter the email address you want to reserve.

Reserve this Address: @

If the address is available, you can reserve it for a friend by entering their email address and your details.

Your friend will be sent an automated email instructing them how to activate the reserved address. They will have three days to claim the address before it becomes available again to other users.

If the address is not available, you will be notified if it is already registered or has been reserved for someone else and given the opportunity to try another address.

If the address is only reserved, you will be notified of when the reservation expires so that you can try again after that date.