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Unique Sorting Service

Incoming mail is automatically sorted into the following folders:
  1. Inbox
  2. Lists (2 types - discussion and announcements)
    • AntiSpam will sign up and remove members from lists
    • AntiSpam submits a unique email address for every list opted in to
  3. Eaflets™
    • Eaflets™ that have been requested by user
  4. Possible Spam
    • periodically browse for any personal messages mistook as spam
  5. Spam ADV
    • Non-mature or adult material that identifies itself in the subject line
  6. Spam Mature
    • Mature and adult material
  7. Spam
    • Other advertisements not categorized, from an unknown source, not screened by AntiSpam

Eaflets™ and Spam folders do not count towards your 4MB storage quota. Older messages are deleted automatically.